15 Best REAPER Themes You Should Try Out


Top among REAPER’s extensive customization is the ability to use different themes while maintaining the same functionalities.

I have tried out all these themes and can guarantee that you will love them too.

Here is a list of items discussed here and my hand-picked REAPER themes.

Why use REAPER themes?

REAPER themes help you customize the entire interface of your workspace. It can help speed up workflow and inject a good dose of excitement into your workflow.

Since the REAPER DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) offers vast customization options via themes to its interface, it makes sense to try out some of these themes.

Where to download reaper themes

You can easily download the REAPER themes from their website. Go here and check out all the fantastic themes, primarily for free. The webpage is the REAPER resources page, where you can also find lots of good resources.

How to install reaper themes

It indeed is the easiest part. The file extension for REAPER themes is .reaperthemezip

After downloading the theme, all you need to do is just drag and drop it into your REAPER workspace. Immediately, the theme takes effect.

Some theme designers attach specific installation instructions in the zip file. Follow those instructions in such cases.

How to change reaper themes

To change your theme, you need to go to the toolbar and click on” options” to reveal a dropdown—select themes from the dropdown, revealing other options containing a list of installed themes. Please select your desired theme from the options, and it’s immediately implemented.

Best REAPER themes

Below is a list of the best REAPER themes. Feel free to download and use any of them entirely free.

Magic Clover

This theme comprises various shades of blue with lovely icons. The contrast is excellent and easy on the eye. It also looks professional as all knobs and buttons are sharp and clear.

Solaris LCS

Solaris LCS Gray is a great theme. It truly feels like an actual device. Buttons are 3D-like and feel like you are pressing the actual buttons. Its dark and light background contrasts perfectly with blue, red, yellow, and green hues. Faders, knobs, buttons, and switches look authentic.


Echolot is among my top Reaper themes. The layout, especially the buttons, reminds me of the Reason interface, which I love. The interface is an uncluttered design that appears contemporary. 

Grey Hound

Grey Hound is another cool Free theme available for Reaper. It comes with dark and dim colors, an elegant interface, and gorgeous elements. Mixers, tracks, and inserts are all designed with an appealing and simple-to-understand layout. 


Blackmore theme is quite remarkable to behold. I love this theme. Its dark grey contrasts perfectly with the bluish color. The buttons are clear, and the overall contrast is good.

My Taste

My Taste is among the most popular themes available that Reaper DJAW has. It’s modern with a fantastic color scheme and a fantastic layout. It’s possible to download lighter and dark versions, but in my opinion, the darker one is more appealing. 

TC Original

TC Original stands out from its peers in Reaper themes. It’s a lighter theme and offers the same interface that Ableton offers. Therefore, if you’re changing between Ableton to Reaper and want to make the switch, this is the ideal style for you. 

Imperial LCS mod v3

Imperial LCS is top of a line sleek REAPER theme. It looks very modern and feels like an actual console. Its colors are brilliant as well. 

Analog API

Analog API theme

Analog API is a gorgeous theme. It’s a dark-colored theme with blue and gold accent colors. The style is a bit retro yet contemporary at the same. The transport and mixer sections look fantastic and are simple to use.


ReaCoffee features a minimal, sleek, modern, and elegant interface. The color palette that this theme uses is gorgeous and of high-end quality. The buttons and elements are sleek and flat designs that look stunning. 

Default Analog

The default Analog is an old Reaper theme that receives regular updates. It’s an upgraded variant of the standard Reaper interface. It’s a great feature that it comes with three color options. It is possible to pick between gray, creme, or black. 

Concept Six Basic

This theme is for those who like dark themes with Blue accent colors. The colors are generally designed in a manner that makes navigation simple. It is easy to see each button. The mixer and tracks appear stunning as well. 


This theme has so many impressive aspects and elements, and I feel that it’s impossible to stop. You’ll love it for those who like dark themes overall. Many UI elements are stunning with a minimalist design, and the interface appears contemporary. 

ProTools 2020

It is best suited for those switching over from Pro Tools to REAPER. It captures the look and feels of the actual ProTools interface in stunning detail.

Flat Madness

This theme is very colorful and has a bright dazzling look. The orange fader colors, the blue level meters, and the dark background are well contrasted and easy on the eye. 

How to edit a reaper theme

REAPER v6 introduced a brilliant feature used to customize themes known as “REAPER Theme adjuster” The theme adjuster allows you to edit a theme, thereby creating a custom theme in REAPER by changing the color scheme lighting/exposure settings, etc., of any theme.

In wrapping up,

I advise you to take these themes for a spin and feel the magic of the REAPER DAW. Beyond the themes mentioned, you may decide to use a theme similar to a previous DAW you are conversant with. 


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