How To Use Bandlab Assistant


Bandlab assistant app enables you to enjoy the benefits of the bandlab msic creation platform.

Music creation has come a long way. Gone are those days when you needed to travel distances and pay considerable sums to record at big-name studios having all the expensive gadgets required for music creation.

We can now compose, record, mix, and even master our creations on our phones or online, thanks to technology. 

Enter Banldab, The company that makes all these possible.

Here we look at their desktop bandlab assistant app.

What is a Bandlab assistant?

BandLab Assistant for desktop is an app for Mac and Windows that allows you to access your BandLab projects, Loop Packs, and download/update Cakewalk from BandLab (Windows Only).

It lets you kickstart your projects and enhances collaboration between musicians and artists.

Bandlab assistant download 

Bandlab assistant can easily be downloaded from the official bandlab website, and it’s free. Get it here.

Bandlab assistant setup

To use the app on your desktop, download it from the link above, and the software downloads to your system. Next, you click on the installer and commence the installation process. The process is quite fast. After the installation, you can locate the desktop icon on your system. Now, launch the app. Ensure you are still connected to the internet, as you will be required to sign up for a bandlab account to start enjoying the app on your desktop.

Features of the Bandlab Plarform

Bandlab markets itself as the platform to make music anytime, anywhere. Connect with millions. Release your tracks and engage with fans — keep 100% of your earnings”. It simply means that they offer an online digital audio workstation (DAW) for the complete production of your tracks anytime and anywhere.

Some of the key features of the bandlab assistant app are highlighted below:

  • Music creation anywhere and anytime with its mix editor and other tools for music production online.
  • Real-time music collaboration capabilities across boundaries.
  • Lots of creative tools for processing your files. Compatible file formats include MP3, WAV, ACC, and OGG
  • Unlimited usage. It means you can release any singles or EPs as you want.
  • Tip Jar. An independent money-making system for creators. Bandlab says it doesn’t take a dime from the creators. It means you get to keep all the cash from your fans.

Bandlab assistant login

Once you create an account with bandlab, you can log in and start using the desktop bandlab app.

Things you can do with the Bandlab assistant app


 You can find your library of creations. You click the “Library tab” Here, you can start a new project, view all your projects, upload new ones or access the “Mix Editor” tab.

Bandlab Library page
Bandlab Library page


The next tab is the sounds tab. Here you can access lots of royalty-free samples and loops for your project. The resources are sorted into music, packs, loops, and one-shots.

Bandlab's sounds page
Bandlab’s sounds page


Here you can import your mixed-down tracks unto the bandlab server. It automatically masters your song, making it radio-ready.

Bandlab's mastering page
Bandlab’s mastering page


You can access the “Cakewalk by Bandlab” software (Windows only) or the bandlab site link in this tab. You can also activate, update and install add-ons for Cakewalk from here. Furthermore, see how to activate your cakewalk by bandlab software using the bandlab app.

Bandlab's apps page
Bandlab’s apps page

In Summary,

Cakewalk has offered every music creator the tools to set their minds to work wherever they are. It has also bridged the gap for collaborative music production. If you are serious about collaborative social music creation, download, install and start using this excellent music creation app on your desktop today. 


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