How To Activate Cakewalk by Bandlab


Users of Cakewalk by bandlab who do not register a bandlab account will not have their software activated. If you log out of your account or don’t use the software for a long time, it gets de-activated and must be reactivated to enable saving and exporting.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to easily activate Cakewalk by Bandlab DAW.

What Is activation, and Why you should Activate Cakewalk DAW?

Activation is the procedure that confirms that the software is authentic and employed in compliance with the End User License Agreement. Cakewalk, developed by BandLab, will activate immediately when online, but offline activation is also possible.

How To Know Your Cakewalk Is Not Activated: 

If you don’t activate your copy of the software, exporting and saving will be impossible.

A toast notification will be displayed at the bottom of your screen if Cakewalk is not activated yet. Go to Help > Refresh activation if your computer is connected to the internet.

There are two ways to activate your Cakewalk DAW.

  • In-app activation and
  • Offline activation

In-App Cakewalk activation

Go to the Help > Refresh activation on the toolbar when connected to the internet. 

Cakewalk will renew your activation status each time a new version of the application is installed. You can sign in to BandLab from within Cakewalk to keep your activation status up to date. You will be prompted to sign in if you have never signed in to BandLab from Cakewalk. It is important to note that the automatic renewal process requires an active internet connection.

As long as you remain logged in to BandLab inside Cakewalk and use Cakewalk regularly, it will continue to stay activated without further input from the user. Saving and exporting are disabled until Cakewalk is activated, so make sure to refresh the activation if prompted. Check out how to use the Bandlab Assistant.

Activate Cakewalk Offline

If Cakewalk is installed on a computer not connected to an internet connection, offline activation can be used. As long as another computer is connected to the internet, you are able to use offline activation. Follow these steps to activate offline:

  1. Navigate to Help > Offline activation > Export activation Request to open the Save activation Request dialog box in Cakewalk
  1. Choose the location for the activation request file, then click Save. Cakewalk creates a file called Activation request.crq. This file is machine-specific and encrypted. This file can only be used for activating Cakewalk on the machine which created the Activation request.crq file in the first place.
  1. Copy the Activation Request.crq file onto removable media such as a USB flash disk and another computer that has an active internet connection.
  1. Open BandLab Assistant online and sign in using your BandLab username & password. Click on the Apps tab.
  1. Click on the Open link under Cakewalk by BandLab. Next, click Request Offline Activation. If activation is granted, BandLab Assistant will generate an activation response.dat.
  1. Copy the Activation Respond.dat into a removable media folder that you can later transfer to an offline Cakewalk machine.
  1. To open the Import activation dialog box in Cakewalk, visit Help > OfflineActivation > Import
  1. Click on the Activation Respond.dat File. Cakewalk will activate if the response file has been validated.

How to Sign-in Bandlab

If you’re not signed in to BandLab, the BandLab Sign In prompt will automatically appear. Cakewalk by BandLab must be activated. BandLab can also be accessed with the same credentials that you used to create your BandLab account. Login via Google, Apple, or Facebook is also possible, provided that you have linked them to your BandLab account. You can also sign in manually using Sign in to BandLab.

Activation expiry

Activation can expire. However, if your account is signed into BandLab and your system remains online, there will be no intervention. Cakewalk by BandLab will remain activated permanently. Bandlab Activation can be extended for six months if your system is offline. If you make significant changes to your system, such as installing a new OS or changing the motherboard, activation may be necessary. The activation message will expire before it expires. However, we recommend that you keep the program current to reactivate it.

Final Words

Cakewalk by bandlab is an excellent software for mixing, recording, and processing audio. Activation is required to benefit from its features. Thankfully, it’s a simple process. Ensure you use the software often and log in via the app to stay activated automatically. To learn more about using Cakewalk, check or article Cakewalk by bandlab::The ultimate free plugin.


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